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About Apprenticeship

A Unique Training Process
The Registered Apprenticeship system of training is unique in that it is the only formal, structured, and nationally recognized education and training program available that combines the two most common forms of career and occupational learning: classroom instruction with on-the-job training.

Earn as you Learn
Apprentices not only learn occupational skills in the classroom, their learning is expanded to include hands-on, paid, on-the-job training! Students learn and practice all phases of the trade/occupation in real-world applications. The program must be registered with the California Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS). Registered Apprenticeship is a training strategy that pays wages to apprentices during the term of their apprenticeship. These wages are a portion of the skilled wage rate that increases throughout the training program in accordance with a predetermined union negotiated wage scale.

Portable Credentials
Registered Apprenticeship is a training strategy that, by virtue of a legal agreement, leads to a certificate of completion and officially recognized skilled journeyworker status. The agreements and completion certificates are issued by the California Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS).These credentials have explicit meaning, recognition, and respect in the eyes of federal and state governments and relevant industries.

We Produce Competent Craftspeople
The Apprenticeship Programs train men and women to craftsman status. By participating in a program, local apprenticeship training committees shape applicants with character, aptitude, motivation and good personality traits into competent journeymen and journeywomen who have in-demand skill sets, comprehensive knowledge, positive attitudes and superior abilities.

The benefits of the Union Apprenticeship Programs include the opportunity to learn while you earn; state-of-the-art training; career advancement opportunities; excellent wages and benefits; safe working conditions; and pride and dignity.

Prerequisites & Requirements
Each union apprenticeship has different eligibility and admission requirements. Generally, however, to be eligible, you must be at least age 18; able to perform the work of the trade; and you may also be required to present verification of a high school diploma or GED certificate. You may also be required to demonstrate the ability to read, write and speak English in order to comprehend instruction in related training classes and ensure safety on the job.

The selection, employment and training of apprentices by local apprenticeship training committees is without discrimination based on race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or marital status. Journeyman and craftsman are terms used to identify levels of competency, not gender. Women who complete the apprenticeship program are proud of their journeywoman status in the industry.

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