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Bricklayer Apprenticeship

What Is A Bricklayer?
Bricklayers build walls, chimneys and other structures from masonry units such as brick, block, glass block or stone. They also line industrial kilns and furnaces, and may work in sewers. Generally, the Bricklayer’s technique is to spread the bottom and side of each unit with mortar and position it by hand, cutting off excess mortar and later trimming it to achieve a neat appearance. Work is kept level by use of a tightly stretched line and must be checked frequently for level and plumb. Some units must be cut to fit. Bricklayers often work from scaffolding. The work, especially block work, is often strenuous. In a related trade, the Pointer-Cleaner-Caulker (PCC) patches weathered masonry, replaces old mortar and does caulking, waterproofing and cleaning of both new and old masonry. They often work on swing scaffold twenty (20) stories or more up.


  • 18 years or older.
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • For Bricklayers, able to lift 50+ pounds continuously and work on staging above ground.
  • For PCC, able to work on swing staging many stories high and no fear of heights!
  • Willing and able to attend school two Saturdays per month.

As a Bricklayer/PCC and union member, you receive medical benefits for yourself and dependents, including medical, dental and vision care, and pension.

Typically your apprenticeship will consist of 6000 hours on-the-job for eight periods, or 4500 hours for 6 periods in PCC. After each period you are evaluated for a wage increase, provided you also have completed the required hours in related classroom instruction.

Application Process
Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.

Local program requirements may vary from area to area please contact individual programs for more information.

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